Smalltownboys going to London.

What are we doing here? Formule 1 "hotel" in Peterborough.

Peterborough Cathedral.

If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Drying the towel in Spalding.

Copyright doing their noiserock. Spalding, The Annexe.

Mikko waiting for pizza in Spalding.

I guess this is not the way to Liverpool?

Flamingo 50 in 24-7, Liverpool.

Somewhere in Scotland.

The Reading Rooms, Dundee.

Saku in Newcastle.

Waiting for breakfast.

Saku at the Musician. Leicester.

Two tired travellers in Leicester.

Adam Bomb. Leicester, The Musician.

View from the Waterloo Bridge, London.

The whole crew: Saku, Mikko, Michaela, Marko and Strobe.

The Pleasure Unit, London.

Bloog at the The Pleasure Unit.

Backyard of the Formule 1 in Doncaster. Former visitors?

Up in the air.

And finally, back in Turku.

Pics: Marko, Saku, Michaela, Miima and Marsu.