Tour poster by Riku.

On the ferry to Stockholm.

Columbian Neckties in Copenhagen.

Happy campers in Germany.

Disgrace in Tilburg, Holland.

Jarkko and Mikko enjoying the first sunshine of the tour.

Riku and Tuomo in the fronseat.

Kökkis and couple of Disgrace fans in Geel, Belgium.

Question of the month: What's in their bags?

Most of the boys in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

Marko driving in Switzerland.

The chair Jukka needs in his living room.

Do they let Disgrace play in Switzerland?

Yes, they did. Jukka and Riku in Bremgarten.

Gradmas in Switzerland.

Karsten and Timo.

National sport of the tour: Kicker. The Preem Brothers just made own goal.

Kometa in Nurnberg.

The famous Nurnberg Stadium.

We found the truth in Prague. Saku, Jukka und Miska.

Mikko giving a speech and Saku changing a string in Halle.

Anton doing something nasty to Jarkko.

Saku and Riku on a party mood.

Jukka, Karsten, Anton and merchandise in Halle.

Even Kometa has to practise sometimes. Halle, Germany.

Saku in Magdeburg.

Meditation, Disgrace style.

Breakfast on a beautiful East-German backyard.

Olavi in Jena.

Marko in Jena.

Jamaica brothers in Jena.

What a view: Punk rockers working in Jena!

Soccer match in Stressenhausen.

I'm in a band! Mikko und Olavi in Stressenhausen.

Miska and Riku palying some rock und roll in Berlin.

I wanna go home! Marko in Stockholm.

Pictures by Marko, Riku, Saku, Karsten and Jari.